Where are you located? Do you have a storefront?

Dan Aquatics is based in Ajax, Ontario but offers shipping Canada-wide.

Dan Aquatics is an online based store. This helps keep overhead costs low and passes the savings on to you! See our Shipping & Returns section for shipping rates.

How do you package your plants/livestock?

Plants are sealed in water tight bags and sealed with a bit of air for cushioning. Some plants may also be shipped in plastic cups. Depending on the sensitivity of the plants, they will either be submerged in water, sprayed lightly or wrapped in wet paper towel.
Snails will be sealed in water tight bags with some water and can survive this way for up to 2 weeks depending on external conditions.

Winter Shipping

For orders shipped in the colder months, the shipping box is lined with high quality vapor barrier and reflective foil insulation. Livestock may also be wrapped in layers of newspaper as a secondary layer of insulation. Heat packs are also included if temperatures are expected to drop below -15C. 

An additional step of precaution would be to set up FlexDelivery with Canada Post so that your package can be shipped to a post office and picked up on arrival. See here for more details: Canada Post FlexDelivery

What payment methods do you accept?

See the payments section under the Shipping page for details. 

Do you have xxx in stock? Do you sell xxx?

We are constantly working towards expanding our selection of products. If you are looking for something that we do not carry in our shop, we encourage you to send suggestions our way: here.